Year 9 MEP Projects now available

The first Year 9 MEP Student Projects are ready to share. And what a gooey first project too, courtesy of Dr Theresa Munford and the team of journalists at The Chairman’s Bao. This project uses bubble tea to get your students thinking about weird flavours, environmental issues, and really big numbers in Chinese. It’s rated ‘one dragon’ on the Year 9 difficulty scale, so things will get more challenging! You can find the PDF, the student answers, and the teacher’s notes on the new Year 9 Projects page of this website here. We’ll be releasing another project each week for the next four weeks, so keeps your eyes peeled, and we hope your students enjoy the first project.

2 thoughts on “Year 9 MEP Projects now available

  1. I would like to use the Y9 project on Gaokao but have found there are two links to an audio resource and to an article which are missing. Would it be possible to have these?
    1. insert link to TCB Parents send of 15,000 children for Gaokao in Maotanchang
    2. insert link to TCB Teacher sends Hong bao to Gaokao students

    Thank you for your kind reply

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