Quizlet Sets

Chinese New Year

Introduction to Chinese New Year – Presentation and accompanying student work booklet created by Anglo European School.

The Legend of Nian – this resource covers the legend behind celebrating Chinese New Year. Characters are accompanied by pinyin for reading, along with English translation. Created by Anglo European School.

Chinese New Year and the Legend of Nian presentation – this presentation was created by Anglo European School for a school assembly on Chinese New Year.


Presentation on Christmas in China and accompanying Factsheet – this presentation introduces how Christmas is celebrated in China and includes a link to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Chinese. Created by Anglo European School.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas/我们祝你圣诞快乐” – Chinese and pinyin lyrics to this translated Christmas song.

Hungry Ghost Festival

hungry-ghost-festival-student-worksheet – this worksheet includes quizzes and information about the festival.

hungry-ghost-festival – Teacher’s mastersheet for a lesson on Hungry Ghost Festival, including suggested activities.

 Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival video – this YouTube video introduces vocabulary related to Mid-Autumn Festival.


Food and Drink

Tea Culture – Presentation introducing Chinese tea culture, including quiz on Chinese tea. Created by Anglo European School



The Father of Pinyin – Information about the life of Zhou Youguang the Chinese linguist who created Pinyin. Created by Anglo European School.