Student Projects

All of the Mandarin Excellence Programme students projects have been created especially for students participating in the Mandarin Excellence Programme, but are publicly available for anyone to use.

Year 7 Projects Year 8 Projects Year 9 Projects

The projects have been designed to minimise the workload of the teacher. As such, you can simply sign off completed projects, or make them a fundamental part of your lesson, perhaps once a fortnight.

There is no particular order that the projects need to be completed in, but you may wish to use the technology one first to ‘empower’ students. After that you could let students choose so they have a sense of ownership, depending on how you want to incorporate their non-taught hours into your lesson time.

Each has been calculated to take roughly two weeks, but we understand that whilst some students will take one week others may require more time. Estimated completion times for each project are included in the Teacher Notes.

Dragon Rating

Each project has been graded on a level of 1-3, with 3 being the highest difficulty. Grading is represented by the dragon images that can be found on the projects and in the teacher notes. Projects have been broken down further into Year 7 and Year 8. This breakdown is only advisory and reflects the language level needed to tackle the projects. More advanced Year 7 students may be able to complete Year 8 projects earlier, whilst students who are beginning their Chinese studies in later years may still find Year 7 projects stimulating work.

Teacher Notes

There are Teacher Notes to accompany each project in the series. These notes provide details of language covered in each project, estimated completion times and an explanation of what the project covers. Teacher Notes are a useful resource in helping determine whether the project is the correct level for your class.
Download Teacher Notes

Answer Sheets

Most projects contain quizzes for students to complete. Students can either find the answers to the projects on our sister site, tailored specifically for Mandarin Excellence Programme students, or teachers can download the answers sheets for their own marking.