Year 8

These Year 8 projects start at a higher difficulty level than Year 7. For example a Year 8 project rated 1 is more difficult than a Year 7 project with a Dragon rating of 3.

Dragon Rating 1
Dragon Rating 1.5
Dragon Rating 2
Dragon Rating 3
Chinese Diary: 2

This project aims to build on students’ ability to write spontaneous language, describing their daily life. Following on from the Chinese Diary project for Year 7, students will be challenged to write a more detailed account on their daily life including thoughts and opinions on their activities. Five different topics are given to provide choice and guidance – daily routine, the weather, the school day, hobbies and sport, and music/ movies/ books. However, if the changing topic or daily entry requirement is considered too challenging, the teacher can divide this project up, or remove topics, to fit the appropriate challenge required for their students. The structures “…比/没有 …” and “最” are introduced, but students do not have to use them.

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Chinese Cuisine: 1 

This project gives a general introduction of Chinese food to the students. It helps them understand about eating manners in China,introduce different types of Chinese cuisines and street food.

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Chinese cuisine 2:

This project will look closely at three Chinese dishes: Beijing roast duck, beggar’s chicken and egg and tomato stir-fry. It helps them develop their understanding and interest in Chinese cooking and food. The students will learn the Chinese words for key cooking methods.

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Pollution and Sustainable Living

This project will introduce vocabulary used to discuss environmental issues. Students will learn about issues of pollution facing China and how they and other countries are attempting to tackle these problems and promote sustainable living.

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Tang Poetry and a Short Story

Students get an introduction to the tradition of landscape paintings (山水画) and Tang poetry. Tasks in translation will stretch their skills and take a deeper look at the nuances of translating well, i.e. not translating word for word. The short story task will challenge students to read a longer Chinese text and understanding through translation tasks. 

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Youtube – Chinese Channels

In this project students will look at a number of popular Chinese learning Youtube channels. Tasks focus on developing skills needed to communicate and justify an opinion, using a number of conjunction structures as well as using comparisons. The structures “…比/没有 …”, “因为…所以”, “虽然…但是” are all introduced.

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Square Dancing and 'Divine Tunes' on the Internet

This project will introduce life styles in modern China. This project will focus public square dancing, andit will also introduce a “Little Apple” – a song that went ‘viral’ in China. Through different tasks students will have the opportunity to explore what Little Apple is about, learning the meaning of the song, the lyrics and the accompanying dance. The project will end with the introduction of another Internet Song大王叫我来巡山。

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Olympic Games and Sports Stars

In this project, students will learn about the Olympic Games and review the 2008 and 2012 Games that took place in Beijing and London. The students will have opportunities to talk about their favorite national sports and learn about a sporting celebrity, Sun Yang. They will then have a chance to describe their favorite sports star.

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Mobile technology in China

In this project, students will learn more about the modern mobile technologies that are used daily by people across China. Just like here in the UK, mobile phones are now playing a huge role in young people’s lives – they can be used for almost anything, from chatting to friends, watching a funny video or even paying for a haircut. At the end of this project, students will have an opportunity to express your opinions on whether mobile phones have more advantages or disadvantages in their lives.

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