Unit 3

The following resources cover the topics included in Unit 3 of Easy Steps to Chinese and have been created at Anglo European School. Some resources refer to exercises and page numbers, these can all be found in Easy Steps to Chinese 1.

Introducing the family – this presentation introduces vocabulary and phrase for introducing your immediate family.

Review of family – ppt with activities to review family members, including pronunciation and translation.

Family card game – card game where students need to match Chinese family vocabulary to the English translation.

Family vocab test – class test to review family vocabulary and answers.

Reading activity for family – review of family vocabulary involving correcting a short text and producing questions on the text in Chinese.

Occupation Bingo – Bingo game cards for reviewing job titles.

Self-Introduction – ppt covering how to introduce yourself and family members, including school year vocabulary e.g. 中学生.

Occupations – ppt introducing the vocabulary for a number of common jobs,  医生,老师,律师,司机 etc.

Review of Occupations – a review session on occupations and an introduction to constructing sentences with 也.

Confucius & Li Shizhen (Occupations) – using the theme of self-introduction and occupations, this ppt introduces two famous Chinese figures; Confucius and Li Shizhen.

Unit 3 review – ppt with activities reviewing Unit 3 vocab; self-introduction, family, nationality and occupation.