Jinbu 1 Chapter 2: Pets and animals


Quizlet Sets





Vocabulary building:

rollover images for vocabulary- pets– so much fun!

rollover images for vocabulary- farm animals

rollover images for vocabulary- insects

rollover images for vocabulary- birds

rollover images for vocabulary- reptiles and amphibians

rollover images for vocabulary- sea animals



Reading activity:

Full Activity sheet, including flashcards for animals and more explanation: pets-jinbu-chapter-2


Use this link: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/838062249577807873

Ask your students some questions, to recap vocabulary and “guess” answers, e.g.

1)他是什么?(狗/ 一只狗 。。。)



4)他的生日是几月, 几日?

When they have shouted out their guesses, ask them to click on the different “hot spots” on the photo, to find the correct answer.

(alternative version to build stronger speaking and listening skills as well as reading; if you have a smartboard, one person from each group can run up to the board, press the hot spot, then they have to read and remember the Chinese, and run back to their group and tell them- if they can’t remember, they have to run back to the board… then swap the runner for the next “hot spot”)

(answers: 2) Charlton  3) 十一岁,4)八月二十八日)

Extension Writing Activity

Ask them to bring in / post online a picture of their pet, or a pet that they know, and to give the same information, written in Chinese. In the next lesson, they can share this with their partner- the partner has to ask the questions above, and the person with the picture has to answer.