Chapter 5

Topics in Chapter 5:

What you like to eat and drink

Different kinds of food and drink

Mealtimes and ordering in a restaurant

Resources from UCL IOE CI Website:

Chapter 5 – Food & drink, 食品和饮料, shí pǐng hé yǐn liào
5.1 – I eat rice, 我吃米饭, wǒ chī mǐ fàn
Food and Drink Lesson 1 (PPT)
Food and drink Lessons 2+3 (PPT)
Additional Materials
Food and Drink reading activity (MS WORD)
Food and Drink writing activity (MS WORD)
Survey of food preferences (MS WORD)
5.2 – What do you have for lunch?  你午饭吃什么? Nǐ wǔ fàn chī shén me
What do you eat at lunch Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
What do you eat at lunch Lesson 3 (PPT)
Additional Materials
What do you eat at lunch character sheet (PDF)
5.3 – Daily meals, 一日三餐, yī rì sān cān
Daily Meals Lesson 1 (Vocab Introduction) (PPT)
5.4 – I would like a coke, 我想喝可乐, wǒ xiǎng hē kě lè
At a restaurant Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Drinks Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Additional Materials
At a restaurant vocab test (MS WORD)
At a restaurant character sheet (PDF)
Food and drink reading comprehension (MS WORD)
Trap door speaking activity – ordering food (MS WORD)