Chapter 1: Weather Forecast (p.1-2)


Weather Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on vocabulary for describing weather. Students will need prior knowledge of vocabulary to describe the weather based on images. They will need to then describe the weather in cities around the world and their own. A character only version is also available.

Weather Translation

Translations activity where students must translate a weather forecast and guess the season. Activities require translation from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. A character only version is also available.

Online resources

  1. Online lesson on climate and weather: including – What will the weather be tomorrow? What will be the temperature? Beijing weather. Grammar, Examples and Exercises.

  1. CCTV Learn Chinese – Growing up with Chinese Lesson 22 Weather

  1. weather song:

  1. Project idea: A Teacher self-developed weather report project (with teacher’s examples and students’ examples). You can invite your students to do similar projects.

  1. Weather report examples for listening:

A weather forecast report by an American student

Weather forecast reports by CCTV (authentic materials)


  1. review idea

HSK level 3 – weather: search on youtube these key words” Learn to speak oral Mandarin Chinese for weather (HSK level 3)”