Chapter 3: My house (p.50-51)


My house – Reading and writing worksheet

An activity worksheet to practice reading and writing on the topic of the home. A version with pinyin is available.

My house – Speaking worksheet

A worksheet to practice speaking on the topic of the home. A version with pinyin is also available.

My house – Listening worksheet

A listening activity on the topic of the home, based on an animated Youtube video. A version with pinyin is also available.

Online Resources

1. Online lesson:  JinBu 2 3.4 My House. Simple and useful for student to review the vocabulary and inspired some idea to remember the Characters.

2. Online slide: 介绍我家的房子。Very useful as a sample text for reading, speaking and writing.

3. Video: In My House (坏蛋比利) | Level 3 | Chinese | By Little Fox. An interesting video to introduce “my house” with Chinese subtitles. Can be used as a listening material or a good sample of speaking.

4. Video 我的家里。A short video with Chinese subtitles to introduce rooms in a house and how family members use it. The video plays two times with the second one sounds off. Could be use for listening and speaking task.

5. Flashcards: “房子里的房间”. A quite review or introduction for the vocabulary.

6. Extension Online resources: How to talk about your home in Mandarin Chinese. A webpage with soundtrack and transcript to talk about new house. Quite like a real conversation so that means a little bit challenge for the students.

7. Extension: 儿歌  方方正正的好屋。A song about rooms in a house with traditional Chinese Characters. Could be used as an introduction at the beginning of a  lesson..