Chapter 3: My Town (p.44-45)


My town – board games

Activities to practice speaking and writing. Players have to match Chinese and English phrases as well as use a picture dice to test vocabulary. A characters only version is also available.

Online Resources

  1. Online lesson –“My Town”, simple and useful for students to review pronunciation and basic structures: and this one:
  2. Youtube online lesson for the structure– “Someone is going somewhere”:
  3. This is a video clip about activities and places. It is in Chinese with Chinese subtitles and can be used as a listening material:
  4. A video clip about places and directions, in English and Chinese, new words with Chinese subtitles, could be used as an introduction:
  5. Extension work. A video about places and how to ask for directions, taught by a Chinese teacher, with vocabulary flash cards: and this one:
  6. Extension lesson about ‘Public Places”, and the sentences– “where are you going?”, “Who you are going with”, “Should we go to somewhere”
  7. Extended vocabulary for jobs and workplaces: