learning styles and methods

A short post this morning as I’ve found some interesting resources that talk about this topic in relation to Mandarin Chinese teaching. As we all know, there are as many ways to learn as there are people in the world; that is to say, everyone has their own methods to learn, the trick as a teacher is to wqork out how to unlock that potential in our students. Seeing ourselves not as teachers but as “learner coaches” is a good step towards this, and is explained further on this blogsite: Learner Coach

Developing an holistic approach to learning within our students is also something to consider, and is explored in more detail here: Holistic Learning

Developing a learning toolkit is valuable too, here’s how to do it for learning Mandarin Chinese: http://www.hackingchinese.com/tag/toolkit/

Spaced repetition software is also available and is wide used in the Chinese classroom, especially with tols such as Memrise and Skritter. Finding interesting ways to utilise such sites is a great way to engage learners both in and out of the classroom.

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