Chapter 1: Around the world (p.4-5)


Capitals and Countries

A card game to test students’ knowledge of geography and the Chinese for countries and capitals around the world. The game is suitable for a small group activity.

Countries and Nationalities

A reading activity to test knowledge of countries and nationalities. Students must match characters with their country based on images and statements made about their home country. Answers to the activities are provided on the worksheet. A character only version is also available.

A New Country

In groups students should create their perfect country. Students should complete in Chinese statements on what their country’s weather, language, food etc. would be like. Groups should then present their country to the class.

Online resources

  1. Countries and nationalities –words and structures taught by a Chinese teacher: simple and useful for student to review pronunciation and this one:
  2. Countries, nationalities and languages in Chinese: a list of vocabulary
  1. Simple words and structures on countries and nationalities with pinyin
  1. A youtube lesson on nationalities
  1. An online lesson on ‘which country are you going to?’, ‘which country are you from’, ‘have you been to China’