Jinbu 1 Chapter 3: Review ideas


Jinbu specific: Chapter 3 Socrative online quiz Ten questions covering vocabulary and phrases from Jinbu 1 Chapter 3.




  1. Reading activity

(use the hobbies-reading-and-writing-activity ) This activity extends the vocabulary that they already know, so can be approached in different ways:

a) pre-teach the new activities and then ask them to complete for homework

b) To challenge the class more, don’t pre-teach the vocabulary- just ask them to see if they can work out the missing word (usually a verb). They can do this individually, then pair check, before you check as a class.

c) This could be set as a challenging but fun homework, if students have access to an online classroom. You can extend by setting an assignment for them to write/ type the answers into a document and post online.


 2. Writing/ Speaking activity

Use the Pizza of my Happiness activity. This activity uses personalisation to activate students talking about their likes and dislikes. Procedure on downloadable worksheet.