Jinbu 1 Chapter 1: Greetings and introducing yourself









Greetings and introducing yourself activities

Race to the board:

V1: write all the new vocabulary on the board in Chinese characters (e.g. 你好,早上好,老师好,忙不忙,再见,很忙,我叫,她叫, 他叫). If you want to revise vocabulary from earlier in the unit, you can add this.

Two/three teams line up in front of the board (facing the board). The first two students at the front of the line have a marker. You call out the word/ phrase, and they have to race each other to the board to circle it. First one to get it right wins a point for their team. [in alternative versions you can write the pinyin if you think they need it].

V2: Write the vocabulary on the board as before, teams line up as before. This time, you either say the English and they have to identify the Chinese or (much more difficult) you describe it (for example “you say this when departing” for 在见).

*To make either version more difficult, for a second point the student has to say the word also. *When the student has taken their turn, they give the marker to the next person and go to the back of the line.

*If you have a large group, you can write the same words several times and repeat throughout the game.


What’s the Phrase?:

Give each student/ pair a copy of the greetings-and-introducing-yourself-activity (weaker students can have the sheet that already has half the characters filled in).

Depending on what has preceded this activity you can;

  1. ask them to test each other by pointing at the picture and the other student has to say what the Chinese phrase would be, followed by them filling in the characters and pinyin below the images (using Jinbu1 p6-7).
  2. use this as a teaching activity, by asking them to look at Jinbu 1 p6-7 and match the images on the activity to the vocabulary in the blue box, p6. Once they have done this, you can drill pronunciation with them, and then get them to test each other and write the characters, as above.