Jinbu 1 Chapter 5: Different kinds of food and drink


Videos- in English with an American Chinese guy (but with authentic listening to Chinese people, with English subs):

Ordering ma la tang



yangrou in Western China

kao leng mian

rou jia mo in Xian



  1. reading-and-characters-activity-noodles– a worksheet to focus attention on characters.
  2. Video research– Ask your students to watch any of the videos in the resources section at home (or you can designate). In the next class, or in their online classroom, they have to describe what the dish is, where it’s from, what the ingredients are, and 5 key pieces of vocabulary (for example, the dish’s name in Chinese characters, the location it’s from, the cooking style, the flavour and the main ingredient). Alternatively you might ask them to teach their partner the vocabulary in class.
  3. TES Teach “lesson” ask students to take a look through the lesson created, and then comment on what they found interesting in a class wiki.