Chapter 1: I like the seaside (p.6-7)


Writing a holiday postcard

Reading and writing activity. Students should read a holiday postcard and then using that as a template write about their own holiday. The worksheet has pinyin and characters. A characters only option is also available.

Holiday time

This worksheet focuses on holiday time vocabulary. Students must match up Chinese and English vocabulary, describe holiday locations. The answers to the exercises are at the end of the worksheet. Vocabulary appears with pinyin and characters. A character only version is also available.

Holidays – Picture Matching Game

Worksheet for a matching activity based on holiday vocabulary. Students must match images and words and then choose four words to describe a holiday. Character only version.

Online Resources

  1. Re-ordering sentences: teachers can adopt to the lines (and the ideas) on this page and design their own sentence ordering activities 
  1. Quizlet

Vocabulary on holidays:

Vocabulary on holiday plans: