Unit 4

The following resources cover the topics included in Unit 3 of Easy Steps to Chinese and have been created at Anglo European School. Some resources refer to exercises and page numbers, these can all be found in Easy Steps to Chinese 1.

Crossword – Chinese character crossword with daily routine, transport, nationality and job vocabulary.

Daily Routine

Introduction to Daily Routine – ppt introducing the theme of daily routine.

Daily Routine Vocab Matching – document of images of parts of the daily routine with matching Chinese characters; 睡觉, 起床,吃早饭 etc.

Daily Routine Review – a second ppt on the theme of daily routine. Includes exercise is forming sentences on daily routine; 爸爸早上七点起床 etc.

Telling the Time – ppt covering how to say what the time is.

Find Someone Who (daily routine game) – cards with questions for a communication game where students must find someone in their class who matches the statement on the card.

Daily Routine Reading Comprehension – short reading comprehension on a school students daily routine and corresponding questions.

Communication Game (daily routine) – speaking exercise where students must ask their partner about the daily routine of their family; 妈妈几点起床?etc.

Daily Routine Vocab Test – short classroom test reviewing daily routine vocabulary and phrases.

Time Vocab Test – short test reviewing vocabulary and phrases used for telling the time.


Means of Transport – continuing on from daily routine this ppt introduces vocabulary for different means of transport e.g. 开车,坐公共汽车,走路

Means of Transport 2 – ppt reviewing learned transport vocabulary and introducing further words, including listening comprehension from Easy Steps to Chinese.

Reading Comprehension – short reading comprehension including vocabulary on daily routine and transport.

Transport Vocab Matching – cards for reading exercise where students must match Chinese characters with the English translation.