Jinbu 1 Chapter 3: Sport


Sport quizlet cards 1

Sports quizlet cards 2 (extension)


Article about Beijing children learning winter sports



  1. Dictionary race (reading, writing, speaking activity)

Use this ppt (or create your own vocabulary- see below)

Teachers Notes:

This activity is aimed at developing learner’s ability to seek out information for themselves, within the limits of a “dictionary race” where they have to look up the Chinese for various activities. Students have to look up the Chinese characters and pinyin for the English on the second slide. You can then get them to compare with each other before you “reveal” the answers. Variations for this game can include:

1)   Ask the class to tell you what their hobbies and preferred sports are. As they tell you, put them on the board. Once you have a good number (10-15 maximum) then proceed with the dictionary race- but this time it’s personalized to them (you can also do this as an extension/ homework activity).

2) Ask weaker students to work in pairs/ threes and divide the vocabulary between them; alternatively, ask stronger students to practise writing the new characters and/ or add some more sports/ hobbies to the list.